Dinosaurs spotted in Oxford!

I’m currently trying to tempt Ed away from an obsession with soldiers. He has two older half-brothers and loves their toys more than his own! Ed, however, is also interested in dinosaurs so I’ve been meaning to visit Oxford with him to see the specimens at the wonderful Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

“Are they scary?” “Are they friendly?” Ed kept asking as I told him about our visit.

“Yes, they’re friendly now as they’re skeletons.”

The museum is in a spectacular building with a glass roof and has an impressive collection of dinosaurs that includes four species from Oxfordshire and dinosaurs from all around the world. It has everything from dinosaurs to dodos and ants to albatrosses. It’s an amazing place for children to wonder at a Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus Rex and to explore the unending variety of birds and insects. You can walk around the exhibits or try one of the museum’s trails of discovery.

The entrance is free and there is also access to one of my favourite museums: the fascinating Pitt Rivers Museum. It has the largest collection of archaeological and anthropological artefacts in the UK.

The museum was founded in 1884 by Lt-General Augustus Pitt Rivers who collected items from across the world including: weapons, costumes and even human shrunken heads (I doubt he’d get away with it now!) The museum now has 500,000 items so quite a lot to see! I had a glimpse at the jewellery and Japanese Netsuke but then we ended up going to see the military section on the top floor. The display also included some pretty fierce-looking weapons. So much for me trying to wean Ed off his soldier obsession!





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