This is one of my favourite places to visit in the Cotswolds with Ed. I just love it! There’s the famous Model Village (miniature of Bourton), a fantastic model railway museum that only costs £3 to get in, a river with ducks, a motor museum and a Birdland.

I’ve been there at least three times in the past year: sometimes it’s quiet if you get there early and it’s quite magical with the early morning sun reflecting off the Cotswold stone. Then, sometimes I’ve been there when it’s quite busy with tourists but I also like it then as I feel lucky that I live nearby.

I always park at The Model Village as it has a carpark that has easy access to everything. We often do a circuit walk of the river where Ed stops to pick up sticks and look at the ducks. The Model Village itself is worth a visit and I love the model village within the model village..(is there a model village within the model village within…etc lol) I haven’t been to the Motor Museum yet but there is a cool topiary Mini outside.

The Model Railway Museum is definitely worth a visit if your little one is into trains and/or pressing buttons. The museum is at the back of a model railway shop on the high street. It’s usually quiet as I don’t think many people know about it. We can spend a good 40 minutes in there pressing buttons and seeing which trains move. Highly enjoyable!

Other things that make it special: an all year round Christmas shop..(guilty pleasure!) Ice cream (Ed’s favourite) some nice bakeries and a chip shop…although I think that might only be open in the summer. It’s also a lovely place to take Grandparents if they’re visiting…ooh, just writing about it makes me feel all warm and cosy!



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