How to be a Cotswold’s Mummy Blogger

1)  Drink coffee in nice cafes with nice stationery and take arty pics of it all on the table.
2) Buy nice flowers… not from Sainsbury’s or Aldi but from somewhere where you find nice flowers and take arty close ups.
3) Ditch all your normal real-life friends who don’t hang around on social media much because they exist in the real world and make virtual friends who ‘follow’ you.
4) Talk about how you go to London to get a ‘fix of the big city to buy all the things – because it’s not always easy to find what you need in the country.’ (real quote from one, lol)
5) Go to posh places to eat/have coffee. Take pics/post.
6) Put your kids in nice clothes..preferably same the colour scheme, pastels usually, take pics and post.
7) Give up your day job, put kids in nursery/school, get a cleaner and dog walker so you can fulfil all of the above.
#lovetakingthepiss #butprobablyabitjealousreally

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