A Visit to Daylesford Farm

This place is a revelation! Mainly because I can’t believe it’s how some people live: driving their Range Rovers to do their weekly organic farm shop, popping into its garden centre for a £30 bunch of flowers and stopping off at the spa for a £110 facial while they put their children in the ‘Seedlings Day Creche’….Hang-on! Day Creche! I didn’t know this sort of thing existed. Imagine going to Sainsbury’s and dropping the kids off, instead of battling round the aisles while they demand every next thing that you put in the trolley? (I didn’t notice any trolleys at Daylesford, only baskets.)

We visited on a busy Saturday, I pulled into the car park in my battered silver Volkswagen trying to keep my head down and slotted in next to a nice Porsche. We went into the food bit first where there is a cheese room (Yes, that’s right a whole room full of cheese!) We popped a nice soft cheese into our basket..it was £3.95 and tasted very nice when we had it later.) The food hall sells organic and sustainable produce. My husband was quite surprised at the price of onions but I’m sure they’re lovely onions! We went to the tills with our cheese (even the staff are posh!) and then got a coffee and sat outside by the fire pit.

We soon discovered that Daylesford also has homeware, gardening equipment, café, restaurant, accommodation and spa. My husband and I were sure people were looking at us…because we’re so good looking?!…or because we looking scruffy?!….or because everyone goes there all the time and didn’t recognise us?!..or most probably because we were the only ones with a child in the food shop! …everyone else’s must have been in the creche. It really is the place to see and be seen in the Cotswolds..if you’re posh (or an aspirational mummy blogger!)

We didn’t stay long but I’d love to go back to the restaurant to try some of the fresh, organic meals. There were lots of children in the café and restaurant though and everyone just looked like they did it often. In contrast to myself and my husband who were a bit in awe of the whole place.

On the way back through Stow-on-the Wold, we ended up getting tangled up with the local fox hunters who kept crossing our path. I stopped to take some pictures of some snowdrops and we nearly got stuck down a country lane as horses, quadbikes and cars raced up it. It was quite bizarre! But that’s another story.

I’m not sure if Ed was that interested in the whole experience and at one point he gave me his first ever, ‘Mum, you’re being embarrassing’ look which I managed to catch on a photo.
“What did you like about the shop, Ed?”
“I like soldiers.”

Maybe I should put him in the creche next time.


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  1. Loved this blog. What a contrast to a report on Gloucester in ilivehere.co.uk …apparently one will be shocked how two such different towns can be so close to each other. Daylesford sounds right up there.

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