10 steps to spring cleaning (Kondo style!)

Are you thinking of spring cleaning this rainy bank holiday weekend? I’ve had a go at simplifying Japanese ‘declutterer’ Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ (After I found it among some clutter the other day!) 1) Get everything out of the cupboards, drawers and decide if it ‘sparks joy.’ 2) Do it all at... Continue Reading →

Yes, it is heated!

Cheltenham Lido opened today and is one of the few lidos in the UK that is heated and kept at an average temp of 26c in the main pool and 30c in the children’s pool. There are few better feelings (in my opinion!) than going for a swim in the lido rain or shine. Of... Continue Reading →

Netmums v Instamums

There’s an ongoing thread on Mumsnet talk (last night about 460 comments strong) discussing/debating the ‘Instamum’ phenomenon. (rhymes or too wordy?!) Many Netsmums (if some of them are real mums?) are calling out the Instamums and dads who are being given free stuff/advertising and not declaring it’s an advert. The thread has developed into a... Continue Reading →

Easter Craft at the School House Cafe

Fancy popping along to some Easter Craft Workshops with your little ones next week? Ed and I visited the lovely School House Café in St Pauls, Cheltenham. The charity run café is a great place for meeting up with friends over coffee while your children can play. It also hosts workshops like the Easter one... Continue Reading →

Playground Politics

I was in Pittville Park on a busy Saturday while Ed was playing on the wooden ship when a mother came storming over with her toddler from the ‘little ones’ area of the park. ‘I’m gonna kick off!’ she was shouting, gesturing back over her shoulder... I looked across and could see another mother giving... Continue Reading →

‘Faking it’ for Church Schools

I spoke to a teacher colleague today who openly admitted that she was going to attend her local church in order to guarantee a place for her child in the ‘good’ church school nearby. We live in the same area and the thought has also crossed my mind. I know a number of parents at... Continue Reading →

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