CBeebies Land Hotel – tick! CBeebies Land – cross!

Would you like your children to meet Bing, Postman Pat, Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle? Well how about a visit to the CBeebies Land Hotel at Alton Towers?

My mum booked one night away with Ed last summer and the new hotel was everything we expected. A lovely welcome on arrival and amazing sounds and sights as soon as we stepped through the door. We had a colourful, if slightly overwhelming for adults, bedroom with activities for toddlers and everything you would need for little ones. Ed enjoyed meeting the life size CBeebies characters, especially his favourite character Bing and the entertainment was on throughout the day. We were particularly impressed with the restaurant food choices and friendly staff as, unlike the actual CBeebies Land in Alton Towers, they seemed to be well trained and enjoyed their jobs.

Unfortunately, we didn’t enjoy the actual CBeebies Land theme park as it was packed during the summer holidays. I guess with the early pass I would recommend going in early. Also, make sure you ask for an ‘Express Pass’ so that you can drive and park near the entrance to Alton Towers instead of getting the monorail which is again, packed. Having experienced other theme parks including the amazing Efteling in Holland (see earlier blog post), CBeebies Land fails to compare. Unfortunately, on our visit we found litter everywhere and unclean toilets, overpriced food and drinks including a bottle of water for over £3. A lot of the staff were disinterested and clearly have no idea of the service industry.

The rides all open at different times and even when a time is specified, they can open late. The people running the rides weren’t putting the maximum number of people in them so the queues were therefore longer. This happened with the In the Night Garden boat ride for example. It was disorganised and very frustrating for customers with very young children who are watching as rides are going with empty seats. Of course, I expect queues and waiting times, but why not have characters walking around to meet people in queues?

Staying at CBeebies Land Hotel was good because we met all the characters. It was just a shame that we didn’t enjoy the main theme park!


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