Is stress a ‘ghastly word’ that you shouldn’t use?

Mark Francis on Made in Chelsea (guilty pleasure) gave some excellent advice amid all the frivolous relationship dramas in this week’s episode. In response to Toff saying she was stressed, he replied, “That’s a ghastly word. You shouldn’t use it. You should never get stressed about anything. I have tens of thousands of people trying to contact me on an hourly basis. I travel the globe constantly and yet nothing fazes me.” He went on, “People are born, people die, people require me for all manner of things and opinions and sign offs, and yet, I don’t get stressed about it. Do not allow everybody to get in touch with you, to talk to you, to write to you.”

It got me thinking. Of course, I’m not a millionaire socialite such as Mark Francis – I’m a secondary school teacher, mum and stepmum who says the word ‘stress’ far too often, mainly to my husband and mother who listen to all my ‘stresses’ endlessly. I’m currently feeling like I score an 8 out of 10 due to work/blogging/health/child’s nursery issues but then I thought ….we all have ‘stress’ or ‘things’ going on and lots expected of us but perhaps it’s more about how we react to it that makes it stressful. I know about ‘catastrophising’, I know that adversity maketh the man or whatever, but how can you become more Mark Francis and less Toff?

All Mark Francis advises is, ‘Do not allow everybody to get in touch with you.. etc.’ Maybe take that to more of a metaphorical meaning: don’t let everyone get to you, don’t believe everything you hear or even listen to everything you hear, especially if it’s negative. Filter it out and perhaps live in the moment.. we’ve heard it all before but it was nice to hear it on MiC and be advised by a funny posh guy that we shouldn’t even use that ‘ghastly’ word.

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  1. Having met both Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle…a photoshoot at Adventure St Tropez for one of the earlier series. They were both good fun and definitely not stressed not even by Lester declaring they couldn’t waterski very well. But then I think lack of stress comes from having ooooodles of money, and lots of people doing those nasty unnecessary jobs that take up so much of our precious time.

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