Rainy Day Activities

As Ed sat in front of the TV while I completed a pile of marking today, I felt a bit guilty. Only a bit. Then I thought, I’ll have a look in my ‘200 Boredom Busters’ book (which I’ve never used) for some things to do for the rest of this (rainy) week. Whether I actually do them remains to be seen. (I’ll let you know and I’d be interested if anyone else tries them out!)

  1. Create a holiday scrapbook of photos, tickets and diary entries.
  2. Create an obstacle course – use blankets, buckets, chairs and time your kids going through it.
  3. Collect some snails – put a flowerpot on its side outside and in the morning, hopefully, lots of snails will have gathered. You could carefully paint a number on their shells and check each morning.
  4. Make popcorn – or anything else to eat: pizzas, biscuits, cakes etc.
  5. Make a dreamcatcher with an embroidery hoop (or anything else that resembles a hoop?) Pipe cleaners also work. Add ribbons, feathers and beads and then hang up above their bed. It catches all the bad dreams!
  6. Look through family photo albums – maybe make a family tree.
  7. Create ‘driftwood designs’ If you’re visiting a beach and it’s raining, you could gather pieces that would make a picture.
  8. Make sock puppets – easy to make with buttons for eyes and nose.
  9. Make a map of the area where you live. Copy the layout of the streets from a local map and use symbols of landmarks.
  10. Play hide and seek or make a treasure hunt around your home.
  11. I’ve run out of ideas..can the sun come out now please!

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