A Visit to Corinium Museum

Did you know that Cirencester was the second largest Roman city after London? Or that it has a great museum full of interesting exhibits for both adults and children?

I guess, if you live in Cirencester you probably know about the Corinium Museum, but it’s worth a visit even if you live further away. Ed and I went today and enjoyed finding out some history and playing with some of the interactive games along the journey through time.

Highlights for Ed included: the very impressive life-size Roman soldier on his horse; all the interactive games along the way, such as a mosaic making game and ‘Mrs Getty’ a Saxon lady in a coffin! Highlights for me included: the amazing Roman mosaics; a pretty Roman garden and all the maps!

I love maps! I would perhaps have wanted to see more maps comparing Roman Cirencester to modern day. Although, maybe I just didn’t find them as it’s impossible to read/look at everything when you’re with a 3-year-old!

The very helpful and friendly staff were hugely informative and I left feeling like I wanted to explore more of Cirencester to find all the Roman bits that are left – like part of the city wall and a place marking the spot of the Basilica next to the Forum (now a car park!) I might have to go back and find it. I wonder if you can do a ‘Roman’ walk of Cirencester?

The museum mainly houses Roman finds and history, although it also has impressive Anglo Saxon, Medieval and Civil War collections. Other interactive stuff for kids include opportunities to dress up as a Roman or monk.

The museum is seeking help with an exciting £1.3 million enhancement project – ‘Stone Age to Corinium: Discover the Archaeology of the Cotswolds.’ It has been successful in securing support from the Heritage Lottery Fund but also needs more funding and is offering the opportunity to ‘sponsor an object’ Find out more on the website.




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