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There are a lot of bloggers out there! I’ve only been doing this since February but many have been going for years. I’ve obviously been having a nose at the competition and as with anything, there really is the Good the Bad and the Ugly!

There are loads of different categories about everything you can think of, such as: parenting, travel, interiors, technology etc. I decided to pick out some of my personal favourites. I would love to hear about other blogs people like to read/follow!

The Cheltenham Mummy Blogger – features her own articles and also hosts blogs on her site. Features interesting blogs by both mummy bloggers and non-blogger mums.

Slummy Single Mummy
Has been blogging since 2009 and writes about love, travel, money, food..everything I guess. She writes well in a concise style and her blog is nicely laid out.

Prosecco Mum
Funny and easy to read. Blogs about anything from travel to lifestyle. Lots of advice but given in a concise and friendly way.

Peter and Jane
Author of ‘Why Mummy Drinks.’ Hugely popular on her Facebook page. Swears a lot and writes in the 3rd person. Funny.

Within These Walls
Cara Sutherland – started off as a parenting/interiors blogger but has morphed into interiors and fashion – aspirational as she always wears great sunglasses, coats etc! Irreverent and wry sense of humour with a well-designed website.

Live Your Best Life
Cheltenham based blogger, Jess Cantoni who writes well about everything from books and food to mental health.

Lady Janey
Cotswolds customer service blogger sharing both good and bad experiences.

On The Luce
Travel blogger Lucy Dodsworth who writes an interesting and well-presented blog and takes great photos.

Not Dressed As Lamb
Recent winner of a UK Blogger Award – fashion blogger over 40. Nice looking blog – another aspirational one.

Don’t Cramp My Style
Manchester based award-winning style blogger – probably a bit too young for me in terms of fashion but she has a great ‘eye’ for photography and interiors.

Along Dusty Roads
Again, award-winning travel bloggers ‘The beauty of a life of travel’ Nice to look at the pictures and imagine that you will travel more one day!

Oops, they’re mainly all female..I need to do more research and find some male bloggers. To be continued…



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  1. Thanks for the mention, I feel very honoured. Also great to see some names that I’m not familiar with yet – I’ll get adding to my list! Thanks xx

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