Organic Farm Stay in West Wales

We have just returned from a wonderful stay at a B&B farm in West Wales. Nantgwynfaen featured in my earlier blog post, ‘Ten great quiet places to stay with kids in the South West.’ When we get away, we like to enjoy some peace and quiet but equally, we don’t want to have to worry... Continue Reading →

Two very different kitchens on Instagram

I follow two quite different women on Instagram who posted photos of their kitchens this week. Fashion and lifestyle blogger, ‘carasuthers’ who is followed by 50K plus people, posted a picture of her beautiful kitchen with her lovely dog sat in the middle. The other picture, posted by ‘working class/single mum writer ‘cashcarraway’, followed by... Continue Reading →

New Menu at Boston Tea Party

Some restaurants and cafes make you feel more welcome than others when you have children. Boston Tea Party is one of those where I’ve always felt relaxed as the staff are so friendly and tolerant! We went along today as we were invited to sample the new menu. We arrived at noon and there was... Continue Reading →

Whatever became of Cheltenham Spa?

Did you know that Cheltenham was once considered the best ‘spa’ town in the country and that it only really exists because of the discovery and enjoyment of its spa waters? You would be forgiven for not knowing this as there are hardly any remains (and therefore reminder!) of the 26-plus wells that operated in... Continue Reading →

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