Ten Great Places to Eat with Children in Cheltenham

We don’t eat out much but when we do, we expect good food and good service. When you’re with kids it helps if there are other benefits, including: lots of space, stuff to play with (or on) and options like private rooms at no extra cost.

With this in mind, I’ve complied my Top 10 list of places to eat in Cheltenham and around. I’ll also keep updating the list with new discoveries and would love to hear about other people’s favourite places to eat with children.

  • The Plough, Prestbury – relatively new management. New play equipment in the garden and lots of space to run around. Great food including wholesome and interesting pies. It also has a little room that you can book if there are lots of you. Holds many kid friendly events throughout the year.


  • The Bottle of Sauce – great ‘finger’ food like pizzas, fries, burgers. Lots of space to sit/roam around and it has a table-tennis room.


  • Wagamama – Interesting and healthy kids menu and children can try the kids chopsticks which is a novelty. Nice booths to sit in.


  • Boston Tea Party – friendly and very tolerant staff with a great selection of food.


  • The Old Elm, Churchdown – Great food and very parent friendly garden with the play equipment bang in the middle of a pub garden so you can watch your kids while having a pint!


  • Fat Toni’s Pizza – affordable and fresh, delicious pizza. You can order a huge one that feeds the whole family!


  • Old Courthouse – newly opened gastro pub in the middle of Cheltenham. Very nice food – great for taking grandparents and you can book a private room at no extra cost.


  • YO! Sushi – fun to watch your food going around the conveyor belt and a novelty for kids.


  • School House Café – charity run café in St Pauls that offers great cakes and sandwiches, waffles, paninis etc. Big space in the back for kids to play in with toys.


  • Smokey Joe’s – novelty ‘retro diner’ with video games from the 80s and 90s. American style food and drinks.


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  1. Fantastic blog post, thank you for sharing. Oh we love the Old Elm too & The School House Cafe is brilliant with their play room at the back. Will look forward to ticking off a few more from the list X

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