Mum and Dad Play Fortnite!

What’s so great about Fortnite? I wrote a blog yesterday about how ‘Fortnite is Taking over our Children!’ and decided to have a go myself to see what all the fuss is about.

Just to recap: the 12+ game is quite controversial as parents and teachers are worried about the amount of time kids are spending playing, ‘The completely free 100 player game.’ It’s a bit like the Hunger Games with, ‘One giant map. A Battle Bus. Last one standing wins.’

Supporters say it’s not all about violence and seeing how big a weapon you can find. It’s about tactics, survival and building skills. Let’s see…

After taking an age to download, I eventually logged in as Mrs Ss and, looking at the screen, realised I would have no idea what I was doing so I called my husband who was watching the snooker in the next room!

We clicked ‘Play’ and for a few seconds it said, ‘Queue is full’ so I presume we were waiting to join the game along with thousands of others. Once in, we were dropped from the Battle Bus onto the map and had to ‘deploy’ our parachute (was it a parachute?!) It was fascinating as you can see a list of who is being ‘eliminated’ and who is nearby. ZombieJulian2007 was closing in! All very tense and exciting!

As we hid behind a tree, my husband was getting a bit frustrated, “I need to know how to use the controls!” We clicked on the map and saw that we were in ‘Salty Springs’..there are other areas like ‘Haunted Hills’, ‘Anarchy Acres’ and ‘Fatal Fields’ I wonder if the same people hang out in them?

We were holding an axe but you can collect better weapons as you move around the map – finding them in ‘chests’. You can also collect building materials. As we were figuring all this out, we were eliminated by KarambitAkaDolar. I think we got down to 63 from 100. We then had the option to ‘spectate’ from our killer’s point of view. How nice.

“Let’s go in again!” I said. So we did. This time my husband was getting used to it and we managed to stay alive a bit longer. We went to the outskirts of the island and had a look at the nice scenery. It’s quite thrilling as you hear people coming up behind you and gunfire in the distance. There’s also this big storm coming that you have to avoid.

We ended up being killed again and spectating. We realised that some people work together to build shelters. Not sure how that works in the end though when you have to be the ‘last one standing’ Maybe I’ll keep doing some research.

My husband and I could see the attraction as every game is different. The knowledge that you are pitted against ‘real’ people is also quite exciting. But it makes me wonder about the future when my 3-year-old son is old enough to play games and enter these ‘virtual worlds’.

As I said in the other blog post, these games will have advanced so much in 10 years that kids will be able to wear head-sets and virtual reality suits. Surely, they will feel totally immersed into a virtual world that they won’t want to come out of. Scary stuff, no?

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