Dinosaur Spotting at Birdland

Last Bank Holiday Monday we went to Bourton-on-the-Water which was a sweaty heaving mess of people. Like most places around the country I guess because it was so hot.

Anyhow, we escaped to Birdland which was also busy but we found some sanctuary in its new ‘Jurassic Journey’ spotting dinosaurs. Regular readers will know Ed’s love for these ubiquitous creatures and I’m sure other parents are always on the lookout for places to meet dinosaurs. I would recommend it.

It was great fun to walk through a wooded area and come across giant dinosaurs of all varieties. Ed and my husband knew all the names, from the baby stegosaurus to a 5-metre tall brachiosaurus. I still haven’t learned them all. But if you don’t know, there are handy guides next to all the dinosaurs.

Explorers are armed with special dinosaur tracker kits and they can even find out the sounds of each dinosaur as there are interactive ‘sound’ machines. (How does anyone know what noises dinosaurs made?!)

Visitors will also be able to spot giant dinosaur eggs and footprints. The trail is a reminder that today’s bird species are directly descended from dinosaurs.

We didn’t have an extended walk around Birdland itself, but it’s a big place with penguins, flamingos and many other bird species. I always feel unsure about animals/birds in captivity but Birdland staff have many years of experience and the birds have more than the basic requirements. Many of them are part of international breeding programmes and some are used as ‘ambassadors’ to give visitors an insight into the life of birds.

Along with all the attractions, including an ‘Interactive Zone’ where you can learn about and come face to face with animals, there are loads of lovely areas to picnic. You can also watch Bird Feeding and Bird Talks and there are ‘Meet the Keeper’ opportunities.

Bourton-on-the-Water is one of my favourite places to visit (when it’s not a hot Bank Holiday!) and I’ll definitely return to Birdland for a longer visit and to say Hi to the dinosaurs again.


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