Meet Elmer and some firemen at Cheltenham Library.

When was the last time you went to a library? I love libraries and we are lucky in Cheltenham to have quite a few which are well stocked with books (obvious I guess!) but also have a number of events on for children.

Ed and I popped into the Cheltenham central library today to get some books and found out that there are loads of events being held next week. They include: Elmer Day on Saturday 26th May from 11am to 2pm. Children can enjoy Elmer crafts and other fun activites.

Other events next week include: ‘A Squire’s Journey to Knighthood’ on Thursday 31st May 11.30pm to 12.30. Booking required for ages 5-6 to become a ‘Grammar Knight’ Call 01242 532691 to book.

There is also a ‘Fire! Fire! event on Friday 1st June at 11am when you can see a fire engine and meet firemen.. (also, one for the mums!) This includes a fire safety talk.

Other libraries across Cheltenham: Prestbury, Hesters Way, Charlton Kings and Bishops Cleave. Go and take a look!


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