15 Great Dad Bloggers

When I started blogging back in February, I couldn’t believe how many bloggers there were on the scene covering every topic you could think of…even dad bloggers! Then I realised that, like anything, there is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! I wrote My favourite Bloggers’ post as a result.

It ended up being mainly about mummy bloggers and I failed to add any dad bloggers to the list. I perhaps imagined ‘put upon’ stay at home dads or those who were riding off the back of their more successful mummy blogger wives. Oops! How wrong could I be! There are some great blogger dads out there who are changing the way dads (and the rest of us!) think and who have found niches of their own. Here are 15 great ones (in my opinion) after having a good read of a range of dad blogs…

1) Thatcham Dad ‘Slouching Towards Thatcham’
Funny, articulate, perceptive social observer. Covers a range of subjects and creates amusing ‘musical parodies’ I thought his take on the, ‘10 Types of People You Meet on Social Media’was brilliant.

2) DadtasticVoyage
Includes: reviews, big issues and hot topics, life and parenting and also runs, ‘The Positive Teacher Company’ – seems very approachable and honest as he aims to ‘share things I get right’ and ‘the things I get wrong.’

3) The Dadventurer
The Adventures of a Stay at Home Dad. Varied topics from big issues to travel. Also a vlogger. Honest and well written with lots of humour. Takes good pictures.

4) DadVWorld
Also part of Married and Winging it. His vlogs shine as they show his great character. He blogs about everyday occurrences and visits with his wife. Frank and honest.

5) Dadbloguk.com
Award winning, full-time blogger who covers a range of subjects from fathers’ and men’s issues to cars, days out and finances. Well written and also has engaging vlogs.

6) Onedadsview.com
Quite new to the dad blogging scene. In full-time work. Covers days out, life as a dad and even book reviews! A friendly writing style.

7) Father-hood.co.uk
Offers lots of advice for dads from, ‘Crying at the nursery door’ to ‘The pros and cons of quitting your job.’ Also writes funny take-offs of nursery rhymes (a bit like Thatcham Dads musical parodies)

8) The Honest Father
Another working dad who does what he claims to be! Opinionated and very well written. ‘An inside look at the mind of a man.’

9) The Unlikely Dad
Nice Instagram pics! Gay dad to adopted son of one. He charts the journey of adoption along with a range of subjects. Describes himself as, ‘Intelligent, insightful, inspiring’ I agree!

10) Dadyougeek
Covers family, tech and photography – currently has some great podcast recommendations aimed at dads.

11) Potty Adventures
Family travel and adventures. Discovering new destinations and hiking, festivals and camping. Very outdoorsy with lovely pictures!

12) A Day in the Life of Dad
Also editor of the FMLY Man blogzine for dads. Very stylish and slick looking blog that has been around for a while. Great Instagram pictures.

13) Man V Pink
‘Chronicling the fun and games of a geek father, his fangirl daughter, and their ongoing struggle against pinkification.’ Talks a lot about Lego and StarWars – particularly enjoyed the post, ‘LEGO: We need to talk about your Trinity of ‘strong female characters’  Great stuff!

14) Diary of the Dad
Award-winning blogger has been around since 2010. Shares his musing about parenthood. I enjoyed his latest thought-provoking,  ‘WHY WE SHOULD FINALLY CALL TIME ON DAD BASHING’

15) DIYDaddyblog
Self-employed painter and decorator share his tips along with the trials and tribulations of bringing up five children. Covers a vast number of subjects from ‘The Best Way to Clean your Car’ to ‘Why do we shame parents all the time.



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