20 Summer Holiday Activity Ideas

Summer holidays have started for some and for others they are just a few days away. Placeswithed has put together a list of ideas for summer activities. Many ideas have been researched (nicked from Pinterest!) or come from my previous blog posts. Yes, some are obvious but sometimes my obvious might not be your obvious etc.. Would love to have your ideas too!

1) Create a holiday scrapbook of photos, tickets and diary entries.

2) Create an obstacle course – use blankets, buckets, chairs and time your kids going through it.

3) Make an ‘Ice Age’ excavation – fill a container with water and put in mini dinosaurs or anything really. Freeze and ‘excavate’ the day after by bashing the ice block open to find what’s inside. (current favourite!)

4) Make popcorn – or anything else to eat: pizzas, biscuits, cakes etc.

5) Make homemade ice lollies.

6) Go on a nature walk and collect items for a scrapbook or take pictures.

7) Make a dreamcatcher with an embroidery hoop (or anything else that resembles a hoop?) Pipe cleaners also work. Add ribbons, feathers and beads and then hang up above their bed. It catches all the bad dreams!

8) Look through family photo albums – maybe make a family tree.

9) Make a music/dance video.

10) Create ‘driftwood designs’ If you’re visiting a beach, you could gather pieces that would make a picture.

11) Still at the beach, collect interesting shells and stones and create a display.

12) Make sock puppets – easy to make with buttons for eyes and nose.

13) Make a map of the area where you live. Copy the layout of the streets from a local map and use symbols of landmarks.

14) Play hide and seek or make a treasure hunt around your home.

15) Go to a park you’ve never been to before.

16) Do some gardening: picking fruit, weeding, plant some flowers.

17) Go camping in the back garden.

18) Have a Christmas in July (not sure if I love or hate that idea!)

19) Make a den.

20) Have a teddy bears picnic.



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