Ten Top Travel Tips

  1. Baggage – make sure it’s not too heavy as airlines are really strict about this and you could end up with having to put stuff in your hand luggage.
  2. Take some lavender oil as it’s great for bites, stings etc.
  3. Take more photos of people near the end of the holiday as they look better! (No jetlag, tan, more relaxed!)
  4. Put suntan lotion on before you out when you’re naked then put swim stuff/clothes on = no weird red bits.
  5. Bring your own coat hangers.
  6. Take a washing line and pegs.
  7. Take a towel and a sarong as one can be used to sit on and one for drying.
  8. At the cash machine take more money out than you think as you’ll be charged. You always change it back when you get home.
  9. Take an extension lead multi plug as then you only have one adapter plug.
  10. Before you go, check out the latest TripAdvisor reviews to pick up any tips/info about the hotel/resort etc.

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