7 Types of People on Twitter

I’ve not been active on Twitter for that long but I’ve become aware of a few ‘types’ of people you may find on the popular social media platform. I’d love to know of any other types you think I’ve missed or if you identify with any of them! I think I’m a combination of them all!

1) The Twitter Obsessive: posts from 7am until 11pm and tweets about how many hours sleep they had that night, what they are having breakfast, what their kids have said to them, when they are catching a bus etc etc.

2) The Funny One: tweets light-hearted posts anywhere from dad jokes to those with a dry sense of humour. Obvious aim is to try and make people laugh but also to get a retweet. (I guess that might be the aim of all tweets?!)

3) The Professional: only posts things that will promote their brand or business. They never swear and they are always positive. Doesn’t post often but sticks to ‘key times’ that they have carefully researched.

4) The Sweary One: uses a swear word in most tweets even the C word! Often gets caught up in ‘Twitter arguments’ see the Antagonist.

5) The Antagonist: loves an argument and is often in the middle of some kind of Twitter squabble and will perhaps do this to gain attention or just because it’s some kind of sport.

6) The Nice Person: retweets about charities and often does Follow Friday. They are either genuinely ‘nice; or will say things so they come across as a nice. Can be a bit boring.

7) The Famous Person or One with Loads of Followers: everything they tweet about is liked and retweeted hundreds of times and they can say things like No.1 and get away with it.

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