The ‘Updated’ Local Swimming Lesson Saga

Back in March I blogged about trying to book Ed into swimming lessons and how I hit a few obstacles: waiting lists, high prices and my own hesitation. Unfortunately, the ‘saga’ continues..

I wrote, ‘Swimming lessons are high up on most parents’ priorities but many wonder when the best time is to start them. Do we now start these things too early just because everyone else is? If you internet search, ‘when should my child start learning to swim’ you’ll see that there are many different opinions. So, I guess there is no right or wrong. I’m sure I didn’t start learning to swim until I was five. I have a vague memory of swimming in a freezing cold, leaf strewn outdoor pool at my primary school (in my day!) So, why should I worry about booking my 3-year-old into swimming lessons?’

Anyhow, we did book him into some lessons which were awful: disorganised, too busy and loud and the ‘helpers’ didn’t seem that interested. We got our money back. Then this summer, we went along to some great sessions at Cheltenham Lido but these are just short ‘taster’ sessions for beginners. As Ed has an increasing confidence and love of the water, I want to continue with swimming lessons.

Similar to back in March, my search for a swim class now isn’t easy. I’m looking at websites that are out of date, phoning up to find places are booked or that lessons don’t start until children are older. I’ll keep looking but, at the moment, we’ll probably keep taking Ed ourselves to the swimming pool. I just wish it was easier to find somewhere and I would be very grateful of any recommendations. #westernworldproblems


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