Why Christmas Starts in September

I was mulling (sorry!) over the fact that we’ll probably start seeing Christmas stuff in the shops next week and had some thoughts about why.

This didn’t used to happen. My birthday is mid-November and I never remember Christmas paraphernalia being available before that. Now, you’ll find Christmas biscuits and cakes available in supermarkets and adverts for Christmas bookings all over town.
Why? I’m no sociologist, but I reckon it’s for a number of reasons:

1) As a society, we are now all so ‘goal driven’ and can’t live in the moment – we want to look forward to and plan the ‘next event.’ But is this to the detriment of the present? We want to reach 1000 or 10,000 followers on Instagram or Twitter – we’re constantly thinking about the future when ‘life will be better’ (There probably is some psychological explanation of that.)

2) Whether we like it or not, we are now all stuck in an enormous marketing bubble fuelled by social media where we are connected with thousands of people we would never have been connected to before. We end up having a really intimate look at their lives, their opinions and feelings. We end up comparing and wanting: the aspirational bathroom, fashionable clothes and even the ‘perfect’ Christmas.

3) Leading on from 2, we all end up ‘following’ in terms of what we ‘should be doing’ whether that’s buying our Christmas presents early or booking the Christmas party in July. If everyone else is doing it (and shouting about it on social media!) then we feel like we should get organised too.

I love Christmas and have wonderful memories of my late father who made it the most magical time of the year. But with our early planning and thinking about the celebration, have we lost the magic? Is it now just another thing to plan/stress over and compare with everyone else? As usual, I would love to know your thoughts.

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  1. I think Christmas is only magical when you are young. Everyone has happy Christmas memories of a childhood Christmas . So adults feel obliged to create the same magic for their offspring. Don’t stress about it just make it a happy time. And my advice is keep it simple!

  2. Hi
    I agree with what you’ve written here. It’s important not to just rush through things to get to the ‘idealised’ holiday/party whatever. I try to be in the moment – yes plan things like Christmas. have a look at research on positive psychology inc Art of Brilliance – Love Bec P.s I nipped over from the blogon link up – I’ll see you there.

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