The Rise of the Bloggers

Are you a blogger? Probably. The industry is growing with bloggers who write about everything from make-up tips to train journeys. Press officers and PR companies are increasingly turning to bloggers who can get content out quicker, across all social media channels and to a larger and more targeted audience.

However, many people moan about the fact that bloggers (‘blaggers’) are promoting things that they might be getting free or not saying it’s an AD. But the lines between editorial and advert are being blended by bloggers – the audience knows that and what’s wrong with that? We’re living in an increasingly savvy world when it comes to advertising. People want a connection with the product and what better way to book a holiday because your favourite blogger has loved it or buy a pair of shoes because you’ve seen them on a fashion blogger you like?

I know one local magazine editor whose blood is boiled by bloggers – I imagine it’s because he feels threatened (although he would never admit this!) Bloggers are covering the same things as his magazine, E.g. 10 best villages to visit in the Cotswolds and they are getting it out quicker to the same audience in a more accessible way.

Another blogger bugbear is grammar. But here’s a newsflash to the grammar Nazis: many readers don’t particularly care about grammar mistakes. Of course, some people still do prefer to read a ‘correctly’ written article but many don’t care! Audiences are simply ‘following’ people who they admire, find interesting, funny, controversial, like their clothes, their jokes, their advice. Sorry sub-editors…

Marketers and PR love bloggers – they want ‘authentic content’ with their engagement. The power of bloggers is no longer being underestimated and it would be a mistake to mock them. Bloggers are influencers and they have greater creative freedom. They have an audience who cares about what they think, feel, say, wear, cook etc! Some of the bigger influencers have a larger reach than traditional media and the smaller ones can still have an influence within a niche.

There are bloggers everywhere now – many who started it as a ‘side-hustle’ are now doing it full time and making a living out of it. People often start them as they are interested in the subject that they are writing about. Perhaps they see it eventually earning them money/getting things in ‘exchange’ for the post they write. I started mine as I love writing about all the great places I visit in Cheltenham and the Cotswolds. I’ve also had an Instagram account since 2012 and always liked photography. It’s only now that I’m thinking about how to make money and getting paid for some of my writing.

I’m off to a blogging conference this weekend where I will get to listen to talks, meet other bloggers, find out about opportunities with brands and more! I can’t wait! Whether I become a ‘full-time’ blogger who makes more money out of it – we’ll have to wait and see. But I’m loving being part of a growing community which is moving with the times and taking advantage of the new opportunities available.

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  1. 🙂 Being a blogger, I know that it is standard protocol to let our readers know that our blog post was sponsored and that it contains affiliate links (Especially, in the case of doing reviews).

    Honestly, some of our readers do care a lot about grammatical errors and misspelt words.

    And, I do hope that you have a wonderful time at the blogging conference.

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