Kids Party Politics (and ideas!)

I’m not a good kids party person – there’s usually no alcohol and they are too noisy. I was hoping to ‘put off’ having a party for Ed until he was five. But I think the time has come for me to research the options and stop being so selfish.

Saying that, I’ve recently reached near peak anxiety levels due to being part of a mummy pre-school WhatsApp group where people are posting to the whole group about parties but Ed hasn’t been invited! WTF… (the anxiety isn’t just from this – other stuff is going on but that’s another blog post!)

When I was a kid, we always had a party at home. My dad would create a ‘pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey’ my mum would buy a cake and decorate it with tinned mandarins (!?), there were no such thing as party bags but we would all have fun.

Now I feel that the expectations are quite high: who’s invited? Where do you have it? How much do you spend? I guess having a kids party in the summer would be easy – a big picnic in the park. But Ed’s 4th birthday is in December so I’ll either have to have it at home (insert appropriate gritted teeth emoji here!) or look into where we can go.

A few of my friends are having parties at village halls and we might go down that route or you can book a number of places which have kids party packages. I had a look on Cheltenham Rocks which has a list of options to look into. You can book ‘packages’ at dance studios, The Play Farm, Lush or Earl’s and Co or at Cineworld and Cheltenham Lido. Other ideas could be Mr Mulligan’s crazy golf parties, Paint it Yourself Pottery and more.

Another place to research kids parties is on Soglos where they have suggested 43 places to host ‘Unforgettable children’s birthday parties in Gloucestershire.’ These include: The Mermaid Academy at a number of pool locations, Gloucester Rugby, Gloucester Ski and Snowboard Centre.

The jury is still out with us due to me thinking that most people will be kids partied out by mid-December so I’m simply considering a nice family day out to somewhere like LegoLand. I would love to know what other parents are doing and your thoughts re. parties!


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