My ‘Current’ Favourite Bloggers

There are some blogging awards coming up and I’ve been having a look at some of the nominees. I don’t know all of them so I need to do my research but I’ve come up with my own list of bloggers/vloggers I really like and the reasons why:

1) Donna Wishart / Whattheredheadsaid
She writes about a range of subjects from travel to cooking but then sometimes there is a post about her past which can be quite moving. She really connects with her readers and is very supportive in the blogging community.

2) Thatcham Dad / Slouchingtowardsthatcham
He writes about a range of subjects too and describes himself as, ‘The world’s quietest, most boring hedonist.’ I guess he is a contradiction at times but in a good way. He always offers a thoughtful read.

3) Whinge Whinge Wine
Fran writes about a range of subjects from parenting and days out to travel. She writes really well and I often get a lot of advice from her blogs along with reassurance.

4) Big Fat Greek Mother
I’ve only recently discovered her and she’s very funny! A recent vlog about the Mummy School Run was just what I needed to make me laugh.

5) Cara Sutherland/ Within These Walls
Style, interiors and fashion. She sells a lot of stuff but she also writes some very interesting and honest blogs. I admire her and she’s still the biggest blogger around our way.

6) The British Maple
Another local to the Cotswolds. She hasn’t written much lately but I like her honest and dry writing style. I’m hoping to interview/blogger chat with her soon so watch this space!

7) DIY Dad
He just seems like a really nice bloke and someone you would go to for advice! He does write about DIY but I like his blogs about general stuff, life, blogging. He’s really down to earth and seems to say the right thing.

8) So Happy In Town S.H.I.T
A little bit off the wall and very funny. Cool and interesting. Latest post is about the late Geoffrey Hayes and a homage to Rainbow which, ‘was at the centre of our carefree, itchy tank top wearing days.’ Love it.

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