Do you need some style tips?

What is your style? The word has loads of definitions but summed up in terms of fashion it means having a ‘particular’ way of presenting yourself. With fashion it’s more about the clothing whereas with style, it’s on the person.

I like this definition: ‘Style is a way to make closer your relationship to yourself, as its focus and orientation is on the self and how it’s informed and expressed by clothing choices.’

Anyhow, how do you fancy getting more in touch with your style? How would you like to go along to one of many events (some listed below) being held by former fashion editor (but thoroughly down-to-earth!) Sophie Jones-Cooper of My Stylish Friend?

I think it’s very easy for mums to think, ‘that doesn’t really apply to me…’ If you’re anything like me, you end up in leggings and a baggy jumper on most days with the kids and then at 5pm you put your PJs on! Depending on your work place, you can also get stuck in a teacher wardrobe is completely yawn!

All that’s fine, but since meeting Sophie (fellow MumBoss) and speaking to other women who have gained loads of style tips and advice from her, I’m convinced that I (and other mums!) can learn something. With all the images we see daily in adverts, TV and social media of ‘style mums’ etc you can end up thinking that’s not me…but let’s switch that round! Why can’t you wear leopard print shoes? Why not buy a new lipstick? What makes you feel good about yourself? I know it shouldn’t be just about how you look but finding a ‘style’ can be fun and empowering!


Mum-of-three Sophie, says her main aim as My Stylish Friend is to boost the confidence of women who need a bit of direction with their clothes. She said, ‘I hope to help my fellow ladies stay sane and stylish – whether you are a high-flying career woman with no time to shop, a working or stay at home mum who has lost her style, pregnant or a new mum with some extra baggage, I am here to help. I can offer style tips galore, new season fashion advice and will help you find your style and confidence or recapture it.’

Sophie worked as Fashion and Beauty Editor for HELLO! Magazine and was a stylist for TV commercials, advertising campaigns and magazines. After having her children, Sophie decided to set up on her own as a stylist and put all her valuable experience to good use. This doesn’t mean you have to buy lots of new expensive clothes. Sophie said about her upcoming events, ‘It’s about thinking what can be revamped in your own wardrobe and finding some ‘that’s so me’ dazzling party pieces.’


Along with the events listed below, My Stylish Friend offers one-on-one personal styling, personal shopping sessions and group styling parties. She is also launching group shopping sessions which will be an affordable way for likeminded mums to meet and shop together with Sophie. You can also do ‘virtual styling’ with My Stylish Friend using Skype, Facetime and Pinterest.

– Winter Style Masterclass – Thursday 8th November, 7.30-9.30pm Bodega, Worcester (£15 inc. £10 off if you spend £75 in the shop)
– Style and Shop Your Festive Season – Thursday 15th November, 7.30-9.30pm Bodega Cheltenham (£ as above)
– Christmas Style Soiree Wednesday 21st November, 8-10pm at The Curious Wine Cellar, Northleach (£20)

You can book these by emailing You can also find out more or follow Sophie on her Website or on Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Having spent many years in St Tropez I had to admire the style of the French ladies in that area. It’s not about money, it is about taking the time and care to look good. Really the Je ne sais quoi of French style is fascinating…what should look slightly tarty somehow just ends up looking chic and attractive. So yes take the time to look good and feeling good will surely follow!

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