The ‘What Not to Buy Me’ Christmas List

With all the Christmas gift guides coming out, I thought I’d write one outlining what I don’t want (ungrateful b****!) Maybe I’ll write my ideal gift list soon or maybe this year I don’t want anything.. Anyway, here it is:

1) Vouchers: It’s like giving me money but telling me where to go shopping (you control freak!) – Just give me money..

2) Loose Leaf Tea: I don’t have a tea strainer (who the f does!?)

3) Strong Unnatural Scented Candles or Bath Products: I’m not 14-years-old.


4) Second Hand Books: (unless it’s a rare edition) I want new ones.

5) Anything Highly Packaged or in Too Much Plastic: haven’t you been watching/reading the news!?


6) Clothes: unless I’ve picked them.

7) Beauty Products and Make-Up: ditto.

8) Anything Handmade Unless You Make It For A Living: (Mum – one year it was knitted leggings!)

9) Things for the Kitchen: unless I’ve specifically asked for it.

Bah Humbug

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