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If you’ve watched Jamie aka Mamabearofone on her Instastories (of which she posts quite a lot!) she comes across as funny, relatable, honest and also perhaps a bit ‘dizzy’ at times. I imagine this adds to the feeling that most people get while viewing that, ‘she’s just like me!’

But this mama is actually far from dizzy. Jamie, 27 and mother to two-year-old Harper, is sharp, thoughtful and very driven. In fact, probably driven to the point of having too many ideas at once! We met up for a chat and I found her full of enthusiasm and energy.

Since starting blogging in April 2017, Jamie has come far. She never thought her blog Mamabearofone would become successful but she has won an award for it, been head-hunted for work and approached by brands. Despite all this, she admits that she still, ‘feels the fear’ when posting on Instagram and on the blog. Because she is so ‘transparent,’ she fears feeling judged and also admits to feeling like an ‘imposter.’ I think this again adds to how Jamie is so relatable as many of us have these feelings but we’re probably grateful that she says it!
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Mamabearofone was created in April 2017 when Jamie was on maternity leave following the birth of her daughter and she was struggling. She said, ‘I had just been diagnosed with PND, I had a colicky baby with allergies who didn’t sleep. I began writing as my outlet, and it was only when a friend said I should share some of my ramblings as a blog that I did. I was so nervous when I first posted, and still get the nerves sometimes, but I wanted to reach out to other women who might have been feeling how I was.’ Jamie wanted to show how she had a daughter that was longed for but how some days, ‘you want to run away.’ She received lots of messages from mothers who felt the same and this inspired her to carry on writing and sharing.

Jamie began blogging purely about motherhood, she said, ‘I was immersed in being a mum. Part of my recovery from PND was to, as cliché as it sounds, find myself again. I remember the day I first changed my profile picture to being just me, as opposed to me and my daughter together. It was such a small thing that I doubt anyone noticed, but to me I felt so vulnerable about it and it was a massive step. So now, whilst my blog is still a lot of things motherhood, I also write about my work life (and that of others – my latest series is called #jobsgirlscando and it features loads of awesome women and their careers), lifestyle, and things to do in my local area.’

Jamie’s ‘Jobs Girls Can Do’ series involves her posting about woman in a diverse range of jobs; from police women to freelance writers. Her aim is to show how a woman can do any job she chooses, she said, ‘I am a lover of women. Since having my daughter, I think women are amazing. We juggle so much and there are so many incredible women around me. I want to share that. Girls out-perform boys in every educational statistic and yet don’t have equal pay in many jobs. I want my daughter to grow up thinking she can do anything.’

On blogging and ‘influencers’ being paid for ‘Ads’, Jamie has some interesting opinions. She said, ‘I definitely think there needs to be balance. I have unfollowed bloggers when I have felt their content no longer seems genuine and nearly every post seems to be an ad. However, I have no issue with bloggers and Instagrammers doing paid ads, and I have recently done my first one myself. Some people go in a frenzy about paid posts, and I can’t really understand it for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can choose who you follow. Don’t fill your feed and inbox with people you feel aren’t genuine with their posts. Secondly, it’s just marketing. It is not different to flicking through a magazine. All the articles we read in a magazine or the paper are surrounded by advertisements, and it’s no different. I know so many people who work so hard creating content that people will engage with, and why shouldn’t they be paid in some way for that if they are able to be? That brings me onto my third point. We have so much emphasis on shopping small, and supporting your local blogger or Instagrammer is no different – I would rather see their genuine posts about products than some size 0 model who is heavily make-upped and photoshopped.’

On plans for the future and her blog, Jamie has just left her job in research to start one as a content manager for sustainable clothing 9plus1uk. She wants another child eventually (Mamabearoftwo) but for now is enjoying where everything is taking her. She said, ‘The last 18 months have been amazing, and I have had so many wonderful experiences. I have connected with businesses and been gifted some gorgeous products, I have enjoyed some really fun events, and more recently I have had a few paid opportunities which is incredible and massively helps our family. I know the change in job will mean I am even more immersed in social media and blogging, and I am hoping this will help me grow and learn more about this industry and open up more opportunities.’

I’m sure plenty of other opportunities will open up for Jamie as her energy and passion is inspiring. She does offer a ‘middle’ ground for parents looking to follow someone who doesn’t pretend to have the perfect life or in contrast, completely gin-swill their way through parenthood. She’s already a powerful role-model for her daughter (#jobsgirlscando) and I hope more women (and men!) are continued to be inspired by her.

If you want to read Mamabearofone’s blog you can find it here. Or you can follow Jamie on Instagram.

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  1. Great interview. I always watch Jamie’s stories on Instagram, I’m not a mother but I still find a lot of her posts relatable and often hilarious! I wish her the very best of luck in her new venture!

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