Review of Medical Pedicure at Margaret Dabbs London Clinic in Cheltenham

(This is an ad/review – I was invited along for a complementary treatment in exchange for this post.)

How much attention do your feet get? Mine? Very little…. So, when I was asked to review the medical pedicure at Margaret Dabbs London clinic in Cheltenham, I jumped at the chance!

I have been to the clinic a number of times before to have a pedicure or manicure and have been very impressed with the attention to detail and advice that the staff offer. The medical pedicure, however, is like nothing I’ve ever experienced!

Qualified podiatrist Joanna carried out the most thorough treatment I’ve ever had on my feet. Like most people, I suffer with dry feet especially in the winter. I also had quite a lot of skin build up on my heels and on the top pad (stop reading now if you are squeamish!) Joanna, skilfully filed, shaved and buffed my feet all with her expert tools. My toenails were buffed and the cuticles had a very good seeing to. Sometimes it was a bit ouchy but I knew it was all for a good cause. Joanna applied Margaret Dabbs’ hydrating creams and by the time it had finished, my feet looked and felt all shiny and new!
Podiatrist Joanna
The Medical pedicure at Margaret Dabbs is very much catered to whatever your foot needs are whether they are simple or complex. They are always carried out by fully qualified podiatrist trained in an exact technique. They claim it is the most thorough foot treatment you will ever receive and I can imagine this is correct!

Whatever your concern, hard skin, corns, callus, dry skin, bunions, ingrown toe nails, fungal nails, Athletes foot, an ageing foot, and biomechanical and gait related issues – all are addressed within the 45-minute treatment.

Margaret Dabbs London is a globally recognised brand specialising in both credible, results driven feet, hands and leg products and also manicure, pedicure and leg treatments for both men and women which will provide effective, long lasting anti-ageing for hands, feet and legs.

I plan to go back before the summer to get my feet seen to and would highly recommend this treatment and the Cheltenham Margaret Dabbs clinic.
Margaret Dabbs London in Cheltenham
The medical pedicure treatment costs £85 for 45 mins with a fully qualified podiatrist and £130 with a director/principal podiatrist.

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