Raising Boys

Are boys different from girls and should they be brought up differently? Yes, according to Australian child psychologist, Steve Biddulph author of Raising Boys. With sometimes three boys in our house at the same time: Ed aged 3 and my stepsons, 12 and 16, I thought I’d have another read of the book and share... Continue Reading →

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

We’re in a breakfast rut! It’s either cereal or toast in our house and I imagine other busy families end up eating the same thing in the morning despite wanting to break out of the cycle. I asked my friend Helen of Cheltenham based Glo Food to share some ideas and recipes that we can... Continue Reading →

10 Great ‘Classic’ Summer Reads

I love a good book on holiday and I’ll read anything from 'chick lit' to classics. But I always find it more rewarding if I find a story that is also a well written classic. Of course, taste is subjective but I’ve complied a list of some of my favourites that I believe are perfect... Continue Reading →

In Defence of Love Island

I’ve just read a scathing review of ITV2's popular 'Love Island' by TV critic Alison Graham. ‘Is this how far we’ve come in 100 years?’ she asks as she mourns the fact that the show had higher viewing figures than a recent documentary on the woman’s suffrage movement. The show divides opinion and I’ve seen... Continue Reading →

Who do you think you are?

  How far can you trace your family back? Do you know your ethnic or ancestral roots? Does it even interest you? I didn’t have any clue as my mother is adopted and my paternal grandfather is unknown. I’ve never been that interested but recently I took a DNA test with MyHeritage and found out... Continue Reading →

15 Great Dad Bloggers

When I started blogging back in February, I couldn’t believe how many bloggers there were on the scene covering every topic you could think of…even dad bloggers! Then I realised that, like anything, there is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! I wrote ‘My favourite Bloggers’ post as a result. It ended up being... Continue Reading →

How to take good photos – 5 tips

I’m not a professional on the subject of photography but I’m a keen photo-taker with both my iPhone and DSLR and I’ve been on a few courses. A few of my friends and family occasionally ask me for advice re. photography so I thought I’d share some tips. I read a comment on Twitter earlier... Continue Reading →

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