The Rise of the Bloggers

Are you a blogger? Probably. The industry is growing with bloggers who write about everything from make-up tips to train journeys. Press officers and PR companies are increasingly turning to bloggers who can get content out quicker, across all social media channels and to a larger and more targeted audience. However, many people moan about... Continue Reading →

Why Christmas Starts in September

I was mulling (sorry!) over the fact that we’ll probably start seeing Christmas stuff in the shops next week and had some thoughts about why. This didn’t used to happen. My birthday is mid-November and I never remember Christmas paraphernalia being available before that. Now, you’ll find Christmas biscuits and cakes available in supermarkets and... Continue Reading →

Are You Listening?

I was at a friend's birthday drinks the other day and was bored stiff by the ‘conversations’ I had with some people there. One guy talked ‘at’ me about his job in IT for a full 10 mins. I heard about where he worked, how much his contracts were worth and not much else as... Continue Reading →

Life Coaching for Busy Mums

Have you ever thought about seeing a life coach? I’ve never even considered it before but was offered a free 20-minute session with Life Coach Laura Duggal as part of being a member of the Cheltenham MumBosses. Similar to when I had counselling, it all feels a bit self-indulgent to start with but by the... Continue Reading →

Raising Boys

Are boys different from girls and should they be brought up differently? Yes, according to Australian child psychologist, Steve Biddulph author of Raising Boys. With sometimes three boys in our house at the same time: Ed aged 3 and my stepsons, 12 and 16, I thought I’d have another read of the book and share... Continue Reading →

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