Whatever became of Cheltenham Spa?

Did you know that Cheltenham was once considered the best ‘spa’ town in the country and that it only really exists because of the discovery and enjoyment of its spa waters? You would be forgiven for not knowing this as there are hardly any remains (and therefore reminder!) of the 26-plus wells that operated in... Continue Reading →

Mum and Dad Play Fortnite!

What’s so great about Fortnite? I wrote a blog yesterday about how ‘Fortnite is Taking over our Children!’ and decided to have a go myself to see what all the fuss is about. Just to recap: the 12+ game is quite controversial as parents and teachers are worried about the amount of time kids are... Continue Reading →

Are you a Bonfire Pisser?

I’ve recently noticed a few ‘bonfire pissers’ around. Definition: people who ‘piss on other people’s bonfires’ - a metaphor for putting people’s ideas down. I’ve noticed both men and women doing it but perhaps in different ways. Couples do it to each other, friends, colleagues. There could even be different categories including: blatant, subversive, jokey... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Bloggers

There are a lot of bloggers out there! I’ve only been doing this since February but many have been going for years. I’ve obviously been having a nose at the competition and as with anything, there really is the Good the Bad and the Ugly! There are loads of different categories about everything you can... Continue Reading →

Are We Doing Too Much?

I took Ed for his first swim lesson this Sunday morning. We got there early and sat waiting, observing the bustle of parents picking up and dropping their kids off poolside. Past swim experiences have been about having a splash about but I felt that he really should start lessons at 3-years-old. Why? I pondered... Continue Reading →

15 Best Children’s Books

We can all spot a good or bad children’s book, can’t we? As an English teacher, I would consider myself quite discerning when it comes to books for adults, although we all have our personal choices. Similarly, when it comes to children’s books, I believe there really is the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ and I... Continue Reading →

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