Blogger Chat with Mamabearofone

If you’ve watched Jamie aka Mamabearofone on her Instastories (of which she posts quite a lot!) she comes across as funny, relatable, honest and also perhaps a bit ‘dizzy’ at times. I imagine this adds to the feeling that most people get while viewing that, ‘she’s just like me!’ But this mama is actually far... Continue Reading →

Blogger Chat with Jess Cantoni

‘Why do people follow you?’ I asked Jess this question and she modestly struggled to find answers. She said, ‘I think it’s mainly friends and family! I also think once people start following you, they can’t stop. If you let people in, they get hooked.’ I wonder if other bloggers/vloggers could pinpoint their USP. Do... Continue Reading →

Blogger Chat with The British Maple

I’m starting a ‘Blogger Chat’ interview series and have a few exciting ones lined up. The first is with The British Maple. The idea is to explore some of the interesting issues around blogging and what they write about. It’s also a way to find out more about some of the great bloggers who live... Continue Reading →

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