Playground Politics

I was in Pittville Park on a busy Saturday while Ed was playing on the wooden ship when a mother came storming over with her toddler from the ‘little ones’ area of the park. ‘I’m gonna kick off!’ she was shouting, gesturing back over her shoulder... I looked across and could see another mother giving... Continue Reading →

A Visit to Daylesford Farm

This place is a revelation! Mainly because I can’t believe it’s how some people live: driving their Range Rovers to do their weekly organic farm shop, popping into its garden centre for a £30 bunch of flowers and stopping off at the spa for a £110 facial while they put their children in the ‘Seedlings... Continue Reading →

What to Expect at Kids Parties

Ed went to two 3rd Birthday parties this weekend so I thought I’d write about my experiences so far for the amusement of myself and hopefully others. Disclaimer: the use of people, places, and events depicted herein are fictitious. (Not! It’s all true..sorry if I’ve been to anyone’s party reading this!) So, some have booze... Continue Reading →

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