7 Types of People on Twitter

I’ve not been active on Twitter for that long but I’ve become aware of a few ‘types’ of people you may find on the popular social media platform. I’d love to know of any other types you think I’ve missed or if you identify with any of them! I think I’m a combination of them... Continue Reading →

Playground Politics

I was in Pittville Park on a busy Saturday while Ed was playing on the wooden ship when a mother came storming over with her toddler from the ‘little ones’ area of the park. ‘I’m gonna kick off!’ she was shouting, gesturing back over her shoulder... I looked across and could see another mother giving... Continue Reading →

A Visit to Daylesford Farm

This place is a revelation! Mainly because I can’t believe it’s how some people live: driving their Range Rovers to do their weekly organic farm shop, popping into its garden centre for a £30 bunch of flowers and stopping off at the spa for a £110 facial while they put their children in the ‘Seedlings... Continue Reading →

What to Expect at Kids Parties

Ed went to two 3rd Birthday parties this weekend so I thought I’d write about my experiences so far for the amusement of myself and hopefully others. Disclaimer: the use of people, places, and events depicted herein are fictitious. (Not! It’s all true..sorry if I’ve been to anyone’s party reading this!) So, some have booze... Continue Reading →

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