Life Coaching for Busy Mums

Have you ever thought about seeing a life coach? I’ve never even considered it before but was offered a free 20-minute session with Life Coach Laura Duggal as part of being a member of the Cheltenham MumBosses. Similar to when I had counselling, it all feels a bit self-indulgent to start with but by the... Continue Reading →

New Menu at Boston Tea Party

Some restaurants and cafes make you feel more welcome than others when you have children. Boston Tea Party is one of those where I’ve always felt relaxed as the staff are so friendly and tolerant! We went along today as we were invited to sample the new menu. We arrived at noon and there was... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Bloggers

There are a lot of bloggers out there! I’ve only been doing this since February but many have been going for years. I’ve obviously been having a nose at the competition and as with anything, there really is the Good the Bad and the Ugly! There are loads of different categories about everything you can... Continue Reading →

Are We Doing Too Much?

I took Ed for his first swim lesson this Sunday morning. We got there early and sat waiting, observing the bustle of parents picking up and dropping their kids off poolside. Past swim experiences have been about having a splash about but I felt that he really should start lessons at 3-years-old. Why? I pondered... Continue Reading →

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