Advice for Family Lit Fest Goers

The Cheltenham Literature Festival has begun! There’s the smell of fallen leaves, fresh book print and the promise of bumping into a famous person! For the next two weeks, Montpellier Gardens and the whole town will be buzzing with events. When I was younger, single and had more time, I used to pop along at... Continue Reading →

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

We’re in a breakfast rut! It’s either cereal or toast in our house and I imagine other busy families end up eating the same thing in the morning despite wanting to break out of the cycle. I asked my friend Helen of Cheltenham based Glo Food to share some ideas and recipes that we can... Continue Reading →

New Menu at Boston Tea Party

Some restaurants and cafes make you feel more welcome than others when you have children. Boston Tea Party is one of those where I’ve always felt relaxed as the staff are so friendly and tolerant! We went along today as we were invited to sample the new menu. We arrived at noon and there was... Continue Reading →

Yes, it is heated!

Cheltenham Lido opened today and is one of the few lidos in the UK that is heated and kept at an average temp of 26c in the main pool and 30c in the children’s pool. There are few better feelings (in my opinion!) than going for a swim in the lido rain or shine. Of... Continue Reading →

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