Are We Doing Too Much?

I took Ed for his first swim lesson this Sunday morning. We got there early and sat waiting, observing the bustle of parents picking up and dropping their kids off poolside. Past swim experiences have been about having a splash about but I felt that he really should start lessons at 3-years-old. Why? I pondered... Continue Reading →

15 Best Children’s Books

We can all spot a good or bad children’s book, can’t we? As an English teacher, I would consider myself quite discerning when it comes to books for adults, although we all have our personal choices. Similarly, when it comes to children’s books, I believe there really is the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ and I... Continue Reading →

‘Faking it’ for Church Schools

I spoke to a teacher colleague today who openly admitted that she was going to attend her local church in order to guarantee a place for her child in the ‘good’ church school nearby. We live in the same area and the thought has also crossed my mind. I know a number of parents at... Continue Reading →

Free things to do in Cheltenham (and around) with kids this Easter.

1) Cheltenham’s Wilson Museum – local history displays tucked away behind all the boring stuff. 2) Eggsperience Easter at Gloucester Cathedral – an egg hunt around the stunning cathedral building from Sat 31st March to Sun 15th April. 3) Visit dinosaurs in Oxford at the Oxford Museum of Natural History. Also linked to... Continue Reading →

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